The Invisible Camp

The AUDIOWALK GUSEN is an art project conceived by christoph mayer chm. on dealing with the memory and the life on the grounds of the former concentration camp Gusen I and II (Upper Austria).

The AUDIOWALK GUSEN seeks out the concealed memory of an area that contained the concentration camps Gusen I and II during the Nazi dictatorship. Following the AUDIOWALK GUSEN, a voice over headphones will lead you through a pleasant residential and recreational landscape whose surface reveals no traces what happened here in the past. You will listen to original recordings (the international version is synchronised in English) with the personal memories of survivors of the camp, contemporary witnesses from the village as well as the views of current Gusen residents. Retired members of the German air force soldiers and former members of the SS who were stationed at the camps Gusen I and II contribute what they have to say.

You will hear what no longer is visible. You will see what there is at present. People will tell stories which otherwise would have remained untold. It is possible to view one and the same place from different perspectives and place it in relation to yourself.